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Since 2015 Sites and Insights, Inc.® has been helping our Colorado cancer community heal from the traumatic emotional experience of cancer. Research has shown the benefit and curative value of using therapeutic art and color as a way of dealing with disease, stress, grief and fear.  We use an evidence based, innovative progressive process utilizing color, art, mindful techniques and complementary therapies. This allows the participants to self-explore and become self-aware to heal and release the negative emotions that accompany the cancer experience.

Our programs have impacted over a thousand cancer survivors, patient caregivers and clinical caregivers for cancer and for emotional trauma surrounding the pandemic throughout the United States. Our various programs are designed with multicultural diversity.


To provide a creative and unique way to transform lives using color, art and mindful healing programs for cancer patients/survivors and caregivers to help process this life-changing experience.

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Vicki Mackie
Executive Director